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Stelco Holdings Inc. is listed on the TSX under the symbol "STLC"

Corporate Governance

The mandate of our Board is to manage and supervise the management of our business and affairs. In fulfilling its mandate, our Board will have a written charter setting out its responsibility for, among other things, (i) participating in the development of and approving a strategic plan for our Company; (ii) supervising the activities and managing the affairs of our Company; (iii) reviewing and approving the business objectives to be met by management; (iv) assessing the performance of and overseeing management; (v) identifying and managing risk exposure; (vi) ensuring the integrity and adequacy of our internal controls and management information systems; (vii) succession planning; (viii) establishing committees of our Board, where required or prudent and subject to the terms of our Investor Rights Agreement, and defining their mandate; (ix) providing reports to Shareholders; (x) ensuring effective and adequate communication with Shareholders, other stakeholders and the public; and (xi) monitoring the integrity and ethics of our Company.

Stelco Holdings By-Laws
Stelco Holdings Certificate of Incorporation
Stelco Holdings Mandate of the Board
Stelco Holdings Role of the Chair
Stelco Holdings Role of the Lead Director
Stelco Holdings Majority Voting Policy